About SkyX

See Beyond. It’s more than a promise, it’s what drives us. We’ve assembled an exceptional team of experts who share a commitment to pushing the bounds. Aeronautical, robotics and electrical engineers working side by side
with Certified Pilots, Mission Control Directors, and Data Analysts to create an UAV system unlike any other. A breakthrough solution that is redefining long-range asset monitoring forever.

Meet The Team

Didi Horn | Founder, Chairman & CEO

Didi has no shortage of expertise when it comes to the world of aviation, aerospace and drones. He served with the Israeli Air Force (IAF) for nearly a decade (2006-2015), as both a captain and drone pilot.

Didi was involved with drones for six years, and could have easily maintained a successful military career through to eventual retirement. But something inside was driving him, restlessly, beyond that predictable route. There was an entrepreneur within – who could sense the huge potential for UAVs on the civilian/industrial side long before “drone” became a household word.

“I realized that while on the military side there were drones of every shape and size, on the commercial side there was virtually nothing,” he says. “I thought: ‘We need something that will fly long-range, be simple to use, small, practical and safe. So I traveled the world, went to a lot of conferences, challenged executives with simple but tough questions, and figured out that the first market would be the energy market. There simply wasn’t an efficient and reliable way to monitor pipelines and other long-range assets.”

SkyX was born of this dream – and Didi’s connections with two very smart people: David Vorsin and Liron Shemesh. Working essentially from coffee shops or other places they could brainstorm, the trio produced a prototype and started building the company (going for a period of eight months without salary).

“It was a period of extreme focus. During this time I was running for 10-15 kilometres every morning. At the same time, I was running a marathon of belief that this project would thrive, even when others couldn’t see it. I think this kind of strong belief ultimately makes the difference between success and failure.”

And then, with a solid prototype and a little bit of luck, Didi was introduced to a major investor who saw the potential and shared the vision.

Soon, Didi and his crew were en route to Canada, starting in a downtown Toronto office that consisted of a single room with no workshop. North America is the logical home to a company looking to capture the oil and gas market.

Since then, the company has expanded dramatically both in scale and technical accomplishments.

“Compared to other companies in the aviation industry, the world of drones is amazing. With big companies, it’s like trying to move a big ship fifteen degrees off-course; it takes a lot of effort and is almost impossible. But small companies have the agility to provide results much quicker, with advances taking place within weeks.”

SkyX did exactly that, making multiple major technical advances within a few short months. It culminated, eight months after the company was established, with a crucial milestone being reached and a major sense of team accomplishment.

“Some people – well, actually my mother – always asks me: ‘How is work?’” he laughs. “It’s never been work. It’s my life. And now there are people here who want to also achieve this dream. It’s no longer only my dream; it’s their dream and their life as well.

“I’d like to keep doing this for the rest of my life. If I’m capable of leading people into a vision or dream that we can all share – that’s exactly what I want to do.”

And – trust us on this – it’s something Didi does exceptionally well.

Jason Braverman | CTO

Jason is a strategically focused technology visionary offering proven success in planning, designing, building, and innovating next-generation technologies. With degrees in Computer Science, Aviation Science and Aerospace Engineering, Jason specializes in resolving complex technical challenges during enterprise systems integrations.

A serial entrepreneur, Jason is highly effective serving as an organizational bridge between business and technical organization for problem-solving, and has brought numerous start-ups to successful standing and exits – the latest being Veridium, a world leader in mobile biometric technologies. Jason brings more than 25 years of active experience in both startup and large enterprise management to the SkyX team.

Alan Man | CFO

A company growing at the speed of flight needs an exceptional individual capable of overseeing the big financial picture.

We’re fortunate enough to have found Alan Man.

Alan leads the finance group to create value and enable the investments in growth and innovation at SkyX. He’s worked with private and public companies across technology and telecommunications sectors and is experienced in strategic growth, business planning, audit, tax, and mergers and acquisitions.

Alan holds a Master of Business Administration from the Ivey Business School at Western University and is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CA).

Gav Martell | VP, Operations

Gav joins SkyX with 20 years of experience in software development, including five years at the IBM Software Development Lab. He’s made a career spearheading quality initiatives, leading process change, managing release and product management, and supporting enterprise clients such as SiriusXM, PBS, Discovery Networks and Sony India.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from York University, Gav also holds Certificates in Strategic Enterprise Analysis and Consulting Skills from Schulich Executive Education Centre.

Outside of work Gav loves cooking and food travel and was a finalist on MasterChef Canada Season 2. He can often be found behind a grill with his three teenage taste-testers helping out. He’s also married to an all-star blogger and photographer.

Sean Carnahan | VP, Business Development

Sean comes to SkyX with a clear goal: To lead customer acquisition in general, with a special focus on North America. He’s uniquely qualified for the task.

Sean has more than 20 years of experience working with Start-Ups, with an extensive background in the energy and manufacturing sectors. Based in his home state of Texas, Sean knows the oil and gas world inside-out, and brings special expertise in SaaS, Data Analytics, Product Marketing, and Asset Management to SkyX.

Sean holds an MBA from the University of Liverpool (UK), A Bachelor of Science in Business, Management & Marketing from the University of Texas at Austin, and (if that’s not enough) also attended Harvard.

Bonus Points: Sean had an esteemed career as a DJ (House, Techno, DnB), founded and sold successful music production businesses, and is known for his philanthropic work.

Chuck Goldman | VP, Strategy and Marketing

For SkyX – now in a phase of rapid but calculated growth – Chuck Goldman is the right person at the right time. As the company’s executive advisor, he works closely with the company’s management team on strategy, business development and marketing operations.

Chuck comes to SkyX with 25 years of highly relevant experience at the senior executive level:


  • Co-founding and building VUI, a voice plus AI company bringing brand-intelligent voice to e-commerce
  • Co-founding Apperian, a leader in EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management)
  • Nine years as a Director at Apple. Chuck also deployed more than 70,000 computers in Maine as part of Steve Jobs’s vision of 1:1 (one laptop per child).

Chuck loves to help mentor young founders and takes great joy in seeing their companies grow and prosper. He lives on the South Shore of Boston with his wife, three college-aged boys, and two new Aussie puppies that keeps him running.