SkyX in Mexico: A True BVLOS Breakthrough

December 12, 2017

Welcome to Mexico. No beaches, no nightlife – but the real, authentic deal. In late November, about half of the SkyX team packed up a massive amount of gear, including two drones, and set off to Mexico. The mission? To demonstrate the SkyX technology for an oil and gas partner, who was looking for a…

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Two Special Guests Wrap Up an Extended SkyX Visit

November 14, 2017

As always, there are plenty of things going on behind the scenes at SkyX. And this past month has been particularly noteworthy. SkyX has had the honour of hosting two guests from China – engineers from our flagship investor, Kuang-Chi Science. Dubo Huang and Wei Feng, both 28, spent four full weeks on the SkyX…

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