SkyX in Mexico: A True BVLOS Breakthrough

Welcome to Mexico. No beaches, no nightlife – but the real, authentic deal. In late November, about half of the SkyX team packed up a massive amount of gear, including two drones, and set off to Mexico. The mission? To demonstrate the SkyX technology for an oil and gas partner, who was looking for a…Learn More

Two Special Guests Wrap Up an Extended SkyX Visit

As always, there are plenty of things going on behind the scenes at SkyX. And this past month has been particularly noteworthy. SkyX has had the honour of hosting two guests from China – engineers from our flagship investor, Kuang-Chi Science. Dubo Huang and Wei Feng, both 28, spent four full weeks on the SkyX…Learn More

The Making Of SkyOne: A Special #Video

There’s a lot that goes into every SkyOne aircraft that comes off our production line. That’s because, at this stage in our growth, each and every SkyOne VTOL drone is built by hand. And that’s quite a task. It means that every single piece of cloth, whether it’s carbon fibre or kevlar or some other…Learn More

Another Day At The Office

It was a hot day in Toronto yesterday; a last blast of the summer that seemed to elude us during the months of July and August; almost as if all heat was banked, then unleashed in a single extended wave. Yesterday, on the Ontario highway that leads to our flight field, the temperature was 34.5° C. And…Learn More

#Interdrone2017: Lessons Learned

SkyX sent two of its engineers, Eitan Rotbart and Isaac Wang, down to the Interdrone 2017 conference in Las Vegas. Isaac is part of our Aircraft Intelligence team, while Eitan is our lead production engineer. (Eitan, by the way, used to test and build UAVs for Israel’s Elbit Systems, a position he left behind to…Learn More

Adieu – and Thank You

From the very beginning, SkyX has been about two things: A vision – and the people who share it. It’s hard to believe, looking at that picture of happy faces, but SkyX began a couple of years back with just three people: Founder and CEO Didi Horn, aeronautical engineer David Vorsin and electrical engineer Liron Shemesh….Learn More

The First SkyX “xStation” Gets Deployed

It has, once again, been an incredibly busy time for the SkyX Team. In concert with the leading innovation and manufacturing firm CMP Automation, we recently completed the manufacture and deployment of our first full-scale xStation. It was a massive project, and it marks a true evolution in the development of SkyX as a leading unmanned…Learn More

SkyX covered by TechCrunch, tech press, and more!

We are now fully immersed in a bold new chapter in the SkyX story. It began with the recent launch of our clean new website, which gives a clear picture of how the entire SkyX system has been designed to function as a seamless, integrated solution. It also gives a more detailed snapshot of key members of…Learn More

SkyX Soars Ahead

This marks the first post on our new and improved website. We are thrilled to finally launch this site, which also coincides with again SkyX taking great steps forward as a company. We love the clean functionality of this site, which we feel perfectly reflects the cohesive solution SkyX Systems Corporation offers its clients. Since…Learn More