David Vorsin

Lead, Aircraft Design

David started building things that fly at the age of 12 – and hasn’t stopped. A multi-disciplinary mechanical engineer, David has both a B.Sc. (2014) and M.Sc. (2015) from Israel’s Ben-Gurion University. He has extensive experience with aircraft design, composite materials and structures, as well as aircraft control systems.

David leads the design team, focussed on ensuring that all aspects of SkyOne work together in harmony. Simply put: He’s responsible for getting the UAVs airborne, and ensuring they are robust as possible. Of the multitude of things David knows (including Hebrew, Russian and English), he’s also learned the following: “There is only one thing that crashes planes – and that is gravity.”

In his free time, David enjoys mountain biking, kite-surfing and snowboarding. His spare time is minimal, however, because his first priority outside of SkyX is his beautiful wife and energetic young boy. As David himself would say: “Bueno!”