Eitan Rotbart

Lead, Production

Eitan is a mechanical engineer and a B.Sc graduate of Ben-Gurion University.

He’s a seasoned stress analysis expert and test engineer who worked on the Elbit Systems Skylark I, Hermes 90, Hermes 450, Hermes 900 and Skylark 3 UAVs. Eitan is also a former UAV builder with Elbit Systems, with more than a decade’s hands-on experience with composite materials.

Most of Eitan’s life has been devoted to his passion for flight. At the age of 12, he started as a model airplanes hobbyist – a recreation that continues to this day. Now, however, the toys are more expensive and far higher-tech. He builds and flies his own DLG (Discus Launched Glider) models, and has competed in many high-level competitions – including the World Championship in Croatia.