Nikki Lin

Chief Financial Officer

She looks at as many equations and projections as the engineers. But the number that truly interests Nikki is what SkyX can generate as it moves full-speed toward becoming a viable commercial service.

A CPACA, Nikki was once the youngest senior manager at BDO Canada, leading the assurance and advisory services for clients with up to $300M+ in revenue. She specialised in business transformation and regularly advised C-level executives across industries on complex transactions. Nikki lived and worked in London, Sydney, Taipei, and Toronto and had a rock-solid career ahead of her.

But then SkyX, a startup, came knocking. And Nikki opened the door.

“It’s the vision,” she says.  “SkyX has created a cutting-edge data acquisition solution that the market has long been waiting for. The potential strategic value of the data acquired is phenomenal – I’d like to bring in operational excellence to help the company achieve its vision, and develop fully integrated financial models to convey this vision to company’s key stakeholders.”