Richard Podolski

Lead, Training and Compliance

It’s not every company that’s lucky enough to have its own commercial airliner pilot on staff.

At SkyX, we’re fortunate enough to have Richard Podolski.

When he’s not at SkyX headquarters or our flying field, Richard is frequently in the cockpit of an Airbus A330 for a major airline – jetting vacationers to Europe and the Caribbean. To do that, Richard holds an Airline Transport Pilot License in both Canada and the US. That’s the highest level of aircraft pilot certificate around. (He’s also a Class 1 flight instructor, and deeply involved in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle space.)

These skills are a huge asset to SkyX as the company navigates the shifting complexities of airspace regulations in multiple jurisdictions, as well as the coming integration of manned and unmanned aircraft sharing the same airspace.

A stickler for details and regulations, it’s Richard’s job to ensure that every appropriate SkyX employee is trained to Transport Canada standards for UAV operations – and that every SkyOne flight is compliant with regulations.

At SkyX, we’re very glad to have this pilot on board.