Waqas Khan

Head of Aerial Systems

Waqas holds a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in Mechanical Engineering from McGill University, Canada. His core interest lies in the dynamics and control of unmanned systems, with a focus on aerospace applications. Waqas has gained tremendous insight into unconventional aerobatic flight of fixed-wing UAVs, and aims to achieve autonomous control that stretches the boundaries of the traditional fixed-wing envelope. His desire to bring intelligent UAVs to life is what led him to SkyX. Together with his prior experience in design and development of UAVs for novel aerospace applications, Waqas makes headway every day toward the eventual goal of seeing UAVs intelligently and safely roam our skies – and believes the world will embrace them in daily life.

Outside of SkyX, Waqas enjoys spending time with his family and loves to keep himself up-to-date with tech gadgets and news.