SkyX Unveils New Design at #FIA18!

Huge Week for SkyX

SkyX was at the 2018 Farnborough International Airshow – #FIA18 – one of the two biggest air shows on the planet. (The other is Le Bourget, and is held outside of Paris on alternating years.)

This show features all of the major aerospace players: Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed Martin – and many more. (Plus, suppliers of virtually every device that goes into making a modern aircraft – from rivets and fasteners and composite materials to massive Rolls Royce jet engines – display their wares here.)

There’s also a growing number of UAS companies here – which is why it made perfect sense for SkyX to attend.

But we had a special reason for coming this year:  To unveil the prototype of SkyTwo, our next-generation of UAS that will take SkyX to the next level.

It took a lot of hard work by a dedicated team back at SkyX headquarters.

Yuri Knafo – one of many SkyX pros who worked on SkyTwo

But, like every other milestone, the SkyX team nailed it.


Gorgeous attention to detail. Note the variable pitch propellers


SkyTwo looks very different. And it is. Although it is still a vertical take-off and landing vehicle that transitions to fixed-wing mode, it uses just two motors instead of the four on SkyOne (or the five on many other transitional VTOLs). That’s because we’re borrowing swash-plate technology from the world of helicopters: Our propellers feature variable pitch, and SkyTwo requires just two motors. (Think of a Chinook helicopter, only with a fixed-wing as the fuselage.)

SkyTwo – our next-gen UAS.



With only two motors we reduce the weight and drag of the aircraft. No longer are we carrying two additional motors for use only in the vertical and transition phases. We extend our range. We increase our payload. We push the envelope.

At the moment, this is a design prototype. But we’ve already done computer modeling and extensive calculations based on the new airfoil, weight, and anticipated current requirements. This video outlines what makes this design so special, and why the SkyX team is so excited about its potential:
[youtube v=”kYOsUE_zRVU”]

The moment Farnborough is over, we’ll begin work on the real thing. We plan to be test flying by the fall – and anticipate SkyTwo will be market-ready by mid-2019.

SkyTwo + SkyOne = More Options

SkyOne will still be just as relevant (and even more intelligent) by the time SkyTwo is deployed.

But SkyTwo will extend our range and capabilities – making it perfect for different applications that might require longer distances or heavier payloads.

In just two days, reaction to SkyTwo at the show has been phenomenal. From journalists, from other aerospace companies – and even from some people with British Navy, who seemed incredibly impressed.

Even Transport Minister Marc Garneau and Navdeep Bains – Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development – came to see SkyTwo and speak with CEO Didi Horn and CTO Jason Braverman.

Founder/CEO Didi Horn (R) speaks with high-level delegation

It’s truly an honour to be at such a prestigious show, displaying with Canadian aerospace colleagues at the official Ontario Pavilion.

Ian McKay, CEO of Invest in Canada (R), speaks with SkyX CTO Jason Braverman (L) and Founder/CEO Didi Horn (C)

It’s been an amazing week.

“This surpassed all our expectations,” says Founder/CEO Didi Horn.

In addition to our own team in Markham and here, SkyX would like to express its gratitude to:

We thank you all – and look forward to putting SkyTwo in the air.

Onward. Forward.