Two Special Guests Wrap Up an Extended SkyX Visit

As always, there are plenty of things going on behind the scenes at SkyX. And this past month has been particularly noteworthy.

SkyX has had the honour of hosting two guests from China – engineers from our flagship investor, Kuang-Chi Science. Dubo Huang and Wei Feng, both 28, spent four full weeks on the SkyX floor, immersed in every aspect of how our SkyX System functions.

Aerospace engineer Dubo was particularly interested in SkyOne’s structure and performance, and all the intricate steps that go into putting one of these amazing VTOL aircraft together.

Aerospace engineer Dubo Huang is just wrapping up a month at SkyX. He’ll be returning, along with a lot of new knowledge about the SkyX System, to Kuang-Chi Science in Shenzhen.

“We wanted to learn more about the whole system of SkyX,” he explains, “so that we could do more research for our team in China. The final purpose is to prepare for production in China.”

Dubo sees a huge potential market for the SkyX system in that country, and likes that it can be customized based on the requirements of different clients.

“There will be many customers in China,” he predicts – adding that he was particularly impressed by the SkyX team.

“The team is very ambitious… They have a very big dream of industry application, and are very focussed on what they do, especially the technology development.”

Wei Feng, meanwhile, was more interested in the electronics side of the SkyX system – including all the schematic and wiring details. He was particularly keen to learn about SkyOne’s wireless charging system, one of the many features which distinguishes the VTOL from competitors.

Kuang-Chi Science engineer Wei Feng spent a month at SkyX, learning everything he could absorb about the SkyX System, which will be manufactured in China by Kuang-Chi for Chinese clients

“I had many questions about wireless charging to ask Liron and Jiaxin (the SkyX electronics experts). Jiaxin taught me about wireless charging, how to de-bug it, and how to make it as efficient.

“I also learned how to make calculation equations and simulations (related to wireless charging),” he says.

Kuang-Chi’s Wei Feng with SkyX’s Jiaxin Chu.

And what about Canada? Dubo lived and studied in France, but this was his first trip to this country.

“It was beautiful, especially the fall. There’s a lot of trees and farms – a lot of open space – and the people are friendly. I was in France for three years, and I can see some differences in the people. The people here are more open.”

It was Wei’s first trip to North America. Like Dubo, he enjoyed his time in Canada.

“Canada is a very friendly country, everyone is so open with us – and there are so many Chinese restaurants,” he laughs.

But the key takeaway? The SkyX experience.

“The atmosphere is very good here, it’s a real team where the engineers talk about everything with each other. It’s a nice team.”

Safe travels, guys. We look forward to seeing you again whether it’s in Markham, Shenzhen – or the new Chengdu office set up for the purpose of producing the SkyX System in China.

Onward. Upward. Skyward.