SkyX Opens Office in Houston Supported by Significant Market Momentum

Demand from global midstream operators and partners drives the need for expansion into the US market for Oil and Gas.

SkyX, an aerial monitoring solution for long-range assets, has opened an office in downtown Houston to further strengthen partnerships and support customers. Sean Carnahan, SkyX executive and 20 year veteran in the oil and gas industry, has been appointed to lead the team in Houston.

“In the last few months, SkyX has experienced a growing demand from the oil and gas industry regarding our solution for long-range asset monitoring,” says Didi Horn, CEO and Chairman of SkyX. “As a result, having an office in Houston, and having Sean lead the team there, will allow us to respond to the complex challenges faced by the industry and deliver a solution to specific problems facing the industry.”

In addition to the office, SkyX will open a test facility in the Houston area to provide live demonstrations. This facility allows SkyX to showcase its unique capabilities, such as providing high-quality visual verification data to assist operators in better managing issues such as corrosion, leak detection and right of way activity. Through its proprietary drone system, designed to scan pipelines spread out over hundreds of miles, SkyX is able to detect anomalies such as ground depressions and cracks, large corrosion patches on above ground pipelines, and above ground pools of oil resulting from a leak.

“I admire the innovation and impact that SkyX has delivered and the companywide dedication to offering the most effective solutions to midstream and other long-range assets the world over,” says Sean Carnahan. “I am honored to have the opportunity to contribute to the success and expansion of this impressive company.”

About SkyX:

SkyX is revolutionizing the way aerial data is accumulated, analyzed and actioned. By integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) with purpose-built drone systems, we deliver actionable data to drive operational excellence for midstream oil and gas, power transmission lines, railway lines and other long-range assets. Armed with this intelligence, organizations can make better decisions with regards to the health of their aging infrastructure and mitigate risks associated with having remote assets. For more information visit