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Here’s how AI and aerial systems come together to help you create safer and more efficient midstream assets.

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SkyX Systems drives operational excellence for long-range asset inspection and monitoring. Here is how we stack up against methods in operation today.

The Competition
Ground Services Manned Aircrafts Satellites Multi-Rotor Drones Long-Range Systems













Image Resolution
Time & Geo-Data
Real-Time Notification
Autonomous Operation Potential
GIS Integration Low


SkyX operates on a Drones-as-a-Service model. As a result, SkyX:

  • Drawing of a fleet of our drones
    Owns and operates all drones deployed
  • Drawing of a screwdriver and wrench
    Is responsible for maintaining the fleet
  • Drawing of an instructor teaching a group and pointing at a screen
    Trains drone pilots and operators
  • Drawing of a computer monitor showing a lot of widgets on the screen
    Can perform ongoing monitoring
  • Drawing of a branching lines with circular waypoints
    Offers flexibility to match project requirements
  • Drawing of a certificate
    Ensures all regulatory certification is up-to-date

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