Take a proactive approach to asset integrity. SkyX provides infrastructure asset companies with unique, actionable, long range aerial data on an ongoing basis.

  • Icon that reflects visual verification and data insights

    We collect and deliver actionable data and insights on the health of long-range assets with ease and accuracy.

  • A line drawing of our drone from a top down perspective

    Our reliable, best-in-class drones collect aerial data on a regular bases in a range of climates.

  • A diagram of how the SkyX A.I. systems identify objects

    We analyze aerial data and identify anomalies using our purpose-built SkyVision software.

Pipeline integrity and intelligence solution

  • An icon showing a path between the landscape

    Systematically monitor pipeline right of way

    Ensure that the pipeline right of way is free of physical encumbrances to comply with health and safety regulations, and assure reasonable and frequent visual inspection of the pipeline.

  • Illegal Activity Icon

    Quickly identify unauthorized activity

    Frequent monitoring and analysis of the pipeline structure and right of way allows operators to quickly identify unauthorized activity on or near the pipeline or right of way and take immediate action.

  • An icon showing a pipe with an oil leak

    Safely analyze hydrocarbon leaks

    Conduct risk analysis and determine the type, cause and size of crude oil spills and natural gas leaks before deploying crews to the site.

  • An icon showing a pipe with corrosion on the bottom

    Remotely evaluate pipeline corrosion

    Visually verify and safely determine the type, cause and size of galvanized and pitted corrosion before engaging field operations to perform fixes.

Purpose-built Aerial Systems

  • -20°C – 40°C
    -11°F – 100°F
    Operating Temperature Range
  • 65 kph – 120 kph
    40 mph – 75 mph
    Optimal Speed
  • Up to 1.5 hours
  • High-Resolution RGB, Infrared Camera and a High-Definition Video Camera
SkyX Drone SkyX Launch Pad Station
  • 100 km
    65 miles
    Operational Range (Per Segment)
  • 4000 m ASL
    13,000 ft ASL
    Ceiling Height
  • Redundant Industrial Lithium-ion Power System
  • Cellular, Long-Range RF and SATCOM

SkyVision Software

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