Aerial data-driven change detection.

Welcome to our latest post discussing how SkyX, a leading drone, and data solutions company, is being featured by World Pipelines Magazine for their innovative work on “Aerial data-driven change detection”. In this article, we will explore how SkyX is revolutionizing the pipeline industry through the use of advanced drone technology and data analytics. By using high-resolution imagery and sophisticated data analysis tools, SkyX is able to quickly and accurately detect changes in pipeline infrastructure, identifying potential risks and allowing for timely interventions. Join us as we discover how SkyX’s cutting-edge technology is transforming the way the pipeline industry approaches maintenance and safety, and the impact it is having on the industry as a whole.

“We know that 40 – 50-year-old pipelines have problem areas. The most efficient and reliable way to scan for those is to use long-range, high-precision aerial mapping and data analytics in an ongoing and systematic manner, with data fed into software designed specifically to examine pipelines and large-scale assets. SkyVision 2.0 is an example of technology that does this.

It’s purpose-built to detect what other inspection methods can’t detect well: pooling, puddling, leaks, cracks, vegetation encroachment, erosion, and unauthorized – sometimes nefarious – third-party activity, all over long distances and repeatedly through time. It’s a system that can integrate data from other sources, like satellite or sensor data or data acquired from a company’s own drones or ground crews, and easily export it into GIS applications.

It’s important to consider, too, that, as companies implement aerial data-driven change detection, this will ultimately lead to their ability to use predictive AI models to better understand their assets. The only way to build an AI model for a pipeline is to actually capture the overlapping visual data and metrics of that pipeline repeatedly through time. Companies that want to fully engage in the digital transformation of their pipelines should put AI on their roadmaps, to set themselves up for long-term financial success and public acceptance.”

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