The Making Of SkyOne: A Special #Video

There’s a lot that goes into every SkyOne aircraft that comes off our production line.

That’s because, at this stage in our growth, each and every SkyOne VTOL drone is built by hand.

And that’s quite a task. It means that every single piece of cloth, whether it’s carbon fibre or kevlar or some other exotic composite, is cut by hand. Epoxies and catalysts and binding agents are carefully mixed as required. Then – one part at a time – the resin-impregnated fabrics that will form the body of SkyOne are vacuum-sealed inside precision molds that were cut directly from the CAD plans.

And that’s just the beginning.

The forms have to come out of those molds. All of the electronics (and these birds have pretty impressive brains) have to be carefully inserted and tested. The final parts have to be finished for a precision fit.

Then, the entire system is again tested thoroughly before we put another SkyOne in the air.

Here at SkyX, we’re obviously quite used to the process.

But for those of you outside the company, we thought it might be cool to give you an inside look at the process. And so we put a fair bit of thought and time into this video. It takes you, in a short period of time, from concept to completion of a SkyOne.


[youtube v=”ftuT43EewG8″]