Tim Heely Joins SkyX Board as Expert Advisor on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Tim Heely headshotRetired U.S. Navy Admiral Brings Decades of Experience in Public and Private Spheres of the Unmanned Aerial Sector to the SkyX Board.

TORONTO, Ontario, Canada May 2020 – SkyX is pleased to announce the onboarding of Tim Heely, a retired U.S. Navy Rear Admiral who brings over 40 years of government and aviation industry experience, the last 20 of which have been exclusively focused on unmanned aerial vehicles.

Tim’s comprehensive understanding of how to deploy UAV technology for industrial applications will be highly valuable during SkyX’s period of rapid growth. Most recently, Tim acted as President of Vanilla Unmanned LLC., a provider of long-range, high-endurance UAVs – which captured and still holds the current world record for unrefueled, heavy-fuel powered, unmanned flight; continuous UAV flight for over five straight days.

Other notable achievements include serving as President and leader of SPARTA, a 1200-employee $380M organization providing technical services and solutions to US intelligence agencies. Tim has also headed-up the Washington, DC office for the British-owned Cobham defense company, offering a visionary corporate strategy for deployment of unmanned systems in the air and on the ground.

“For the past twenty years, my career has been at the intersection of long-range surveillance and UAV technology. SkyX is a natural fit. Beyond their top-tier vehicles, SkyX has built the whole suite of complementary technologies to deliver on the promise of these autonomous systems. The ground stations, the back-end management software, and the data analytics platform – it’s all coming together with the UAV to get customers the data they need, the way they need it. It’s quite a remarkable feat,” says Tim Heely. “There’s an incredible team behind what SkyX has accomplished, I’m very much looking forward to working with them to support and influence the incredible momentum this company is in the midst of.”

Didi Horn, SkyX Founder & CEO, says: “Aside from a storied career in the unmanned aerial industry, Tim brings a military acumen that is a major asset for the team. Our autonomous aerial systems play a vital role in delivering high-quality aerial data, Tim’s wealth of experience and knowledge will help ensure we’re producing nothing short of excellence.”

About SkyX

SkyX is revolutionizing the way aerial data is accumulated, analyzed and actioned. By integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) with purpose-built aerial systems, SkyX sources and delivers actionable data to commercial and government agencies in applications ranging from inspection of midstream oil and gas, power and rail assets to border patrol and emergency search and rescue. Equipped with this intelligence, organizations can make intelligent and informed decisions with regards to the health of their aging infrastructure, mitigate risks associated with having remote assets and reduce tremendous amount of cost for maintenance and insurance.