SkyX’s Gav Martell and Jeff Jones on Oil and Gas HSE Podcast

The Oil and Gas HSE podcast brings expertise from around the world to ensure that everyone goes home safely every day. The Oil and Gas HSE podcast is part of the internationally-acclaimed Oil and Gas Global Network and is hosted by Russell Stewart.

Russell invited our own Gav Martell, COO of SkyX, and Jeff Jones, VP of Global Sales, onto the show to discuss ways of enhancing HSE for the general public by empowering Oil and Gas companies to take a proactive approach to asset integrity using unique, actionable, long-range aerial data on an ongoing basis.

Here is an excerpt taken from the interview:

Our goal is not just to identify and see change before Joe public sees it, but to actually identify areas of risk, months or years in advance. So like you said, most of the pipeline is underground, what we’re looking for is any change, when you take a person or a traditional aircraft with a pilot, and they fly or walk across a right of way for hundreds of miles, it’s very difficult for them to pick up subtle changes that might have changed month over month or year over year.

With our system, we’re comparing images from previous flights and changes to previous flights for every single foot of that right of way. And so when there is a change, whether it’s visible, because it’s sloping, off of the right of way, or like I said, a crack. That’s one, one potential, we also see dead vegetation.

So recently, we had a flight here in Toronto, we were flying for a customer, a gas customer. And we saw, you know, some changes in growth patterns in a cornfield, and they send a team out because that was a clear sign that there might be a leak underground, that was not detectable through any other means other than is changing in vegetation growth. So very often we’re looking for things that the human eye wouldn’t necessarily detect, without a system that is doing this on a regular basis and comparing those models.

Listen To An Excerpt of The Oil and Gas HSE Podcast:

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We want to thank Russell Stewart for having Gav and Jeff on the podcast.

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