Pipeline Integrity Management: Technologies for Asset Operators

Being an asset operator in a midstream oil and gas company today isn’t easy. You need to manage the integrity and safety of aging pipeline infrastructure, often in remote locations, while mitigating risk and controlling costs. What’s more, if you’re like most organizations, you need to do it all while lacking high-quality data to make informed and intelligent decisions.

Today’s newest pipeline monitoring technologies make it easier to evaluate the health of your assets and make decisions about what to repair and when. They can help you predict potential problems so that weak points in your pipeline can be addressed long before permanent damage or disaster occurs.

Getting to this point starts by taking a look at how you monitor your pipeline right now, pinpointing the limitations of the status quo, and understanding the options that are available to free you from these limitations.

Why the Status Quo Isn’t Working

In an attempt to build an adequate data profile, your organization may be looking to combine data from various sensors. But the use of multiple data sets creates another issue: getting data from different sources integrated in such a way that it’s centrally available, timely, and easy to access whenever needed.

And so the common set of problems that makes it so hard for you to do your job optimally may be:

  • Incomplete data
  • Lack of high-quality data
  • Siloed data

You may also be able to boil the problem down to a simple descriptive sentence, and that sentence might be: I’ve got a data issue.

Solving the Data Issue with a Holistic Pipeline Integrity Management Program

It’s time to understand the opportunities that lie just beyond the status quo, and how new technologies available today are here to help you reduce manual effort, streamline operations, and ultimately improve the integrity, safety, and health of your pipeline – as they drive down costs.

Our special report, How Asset Operators Make Better Decisions Without Changing How They Work, is here to help you put the solutions and programs in place that empower you to make intelligent and informed decisions about issues discovered on your asset – and higher confidence throughout the organization that these decisions are based on complete, accurate information.

We discuss how organizations can integrate data from SCADA, Pipeline Inspection Gauges (PIGs), fiber optics and aerial sensors.

Download the report here.

About SkyX

SkyX is the global leader for long-range inspection and monitoring. SkyX delivers actionable data and high-impact reports for mission-critical assets by using a combination of machine learning algorithms and human verification to analyze high-quality images accumulated by best-in-class aerial systems. To learn more about our solution, request a demo today.