#Interdrone2017: Lessons Learned

SkyX sent two of its engineers, Eitan Rotbart and Isaac Wang, down to the Interdrone 2017 conference in Las Vegas. Isaac is part of our Aircraft Intelligence team, while Eitan is our lead production engineer. (Eitan, by the way, used to test and build UAVs for Israel’s Elbit Systems, a position he left behind to move to Canada and work with SkyX.)

Eitan Rotbart and Isaac Wang, on the floor of Interdrone 2017

This was the first time both of these men had been to a major commercial/industrial drone conference. And it was an eye-opener.

“The focus for our visit was to mostly scout out potential tech collaborations or companies whose product we’d like to use, and to get a sense of the industry,” says Isaac. “And I think it was successful on our end. We reached out to a lot of people and spoke to them about our needs and how they may fit into that.”

As with any drone show, there were a lot of very unique designs, and some highly specialized drones. There was a *lot* to see.

“It was the first time that I saw how big the drone industry is, the civil drone industry,” says Eitan. “I was particularly interested in some of the advanced post-processing for data, and I was also very surprised to see so many participants.”

Of course, when you work at a company that has designed and builds a one-of-a-kind VTOL drone meant for long-range data acquisition, you can’t help but check out the competition. Is there something with SkyOne’s range, something that also has the ability to stop on a remote station, recharge, then keep on going?

Well, Eitan and Isaac scoured the floor to see if there might be a worthy competitor out there.

Flying egg, anyone? More from the floor of Interdrone

Was there?

“Nothing,” says Eitan.

“There is not a single company we saw that offers a solution even remotely close to our solution with our capabilities.”


“We’ve always believed that what we’re doing is right on target with the market, or maybe even a little ahead,” he says. “I believe that is still true. I saw nothing that would rival what we provide – so in that sense, we are still ahead.

“In fact, had we presented, we would have stunned a lot of people.”

A select few clients and investors have visited the SkyX offices, and seen our product in the field.

SkyOne aboard the xStation, ready for liftoff

They, too, have been stunned by what SkyX has created.