Adieu – and Thank You

From the very beginning, SkyX has been about two things: A vision – and the people who share it.

It’s hard to believe, looking at that picture of happy faces, but SkyX began a couple of years back with just three people: Founder and CEO Didi Horn, aeronautical engineer David Vorsin and electrical engineer Liron Shemesh. Soon, that team – and the vision – began to expand.

During the company’s first summer in Canada (2016), SkyX brought on Jacob Green as a co-op student. Jacob was (and is) working on degrees in both electrical engineering and law. (One of us joked he would be eminently qualified to be a Circuit Court Judge.) He’s also an IT expert.

Jacob is talented, tireless, funny – and totally dedicated to SkyX. He put in exceedingly long hours and contributed in countless ways to making the summer of ’16 memorable – then did it all over again in 2017. Wow.

Jacob Green – Out standing in his field. 🙂

Jacob was one of four co-op engineering students that SkyX was fortunate enough to have this summer. And now, as summer comes to end, they’ll be leaving SkyX (at least for now) and heading back to school.

Sharing office space with Jacob (and no small amount of humour) was James Melisek – a micro-controller expert and engineering student. Like Jacob, James was a hard worker who always seemed to strike the perfect balance between focus, dedication, and fun. James is entering his fourth year of Mechatronic Systems Engineering at Western University. We said goodbye to James last week – but are hopeful we’ll see him again soon. During one of his final meetings, James described SkyX as “The best place I’ve ever worked.”

James always had a smile on his face

Liam Moxey shared that same office space and passion, and is also returning to school this fall. He’s entering his fourth year as a mechanical engineering student at the University of Waterloo. Passionate about both design and manufacturing processes, he’ll be a logical choice for SkyX when we eventually reach a stage of automating our building process. 🙂

Liam – about to use his head in a different way
“My time at SkyX was definitely my best co-op term – in terms of the environment I worked in, the people I worked with, the tasks I worked on, and seeing my projects come to life. And I can say that with some perspective, because this was my sixth co-op placement at four different firms. There were a lot of times I didn’t feel like a co-op student; I was given a lot of responsibility here.”
Jimmy Shen was our fourth and final co-op student. Working closely in the world of coding, he was integral to improvements this summer to the SkyX OS, our own customized software for running the SkyX system. Jimmy now returns to the University of Waterloo, where he’ll be completing his Bachelor’s degree in computer science (and enjoying role-playing games in his spare time).
“This was a very productive summer,” says Jimmy. “I learned a lot and the people here were very helpful.”
Liam, Jacob, SkyX Team Lead Liron Shemesh, James and Jimmy
 Until we meet again!