The First SkyX “xStation” Gets Deployed

It has, once again, been an incredibly busy time for the SkyX Team.

In concert with the leading innovation and manufacturing firm CMP Automation, we recently completed the manufacture and deployment of our first full-scale xStation. It was a massive project, and it marks a true evolution in the development of SkyX as a leading unmanned aerial company for the monitoring of long-range infrastructure (particularly the oil and gas sectors).

One-half of the canopied roof is lifted into place on the xStation in May, 2017. CEO Didi Horn is on the right. Photo by Scott Simmie/Skyx

The xStation, you might recall, is one of the key components of the integrated SkyX system. By combining our super-efficient SkyOne VTOL with remote xStations, our Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) is able to land and charge far from home base – then keep on going. Our SkyX OS custom operating system offers an at-a-glance progress report on missions, with the ability to change course and waypoints remotely.

SkyOne rests atop the new SkyX xStation. Photo by David Cooper

When SkyX lands for a recharge and systems check, the canopied roof closes to offer safe harbour from the elements.

Liron Shemesh, lead of the SkyX electronic engineering and avionics department, handles some of the electronics that go in SkyOne, the SkyX-designed and manufactured long-range VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) aircraft. Photo by David Cooper

The xStation has been built to demanding specifications, with the ability to remain in the field with an anticipated lifespan of 10 years.

The xStation as seen from above, with canopy open and awaiting a SkyOne landing. Photo by Scott Simmie/SkyX

For SkyX CEO and Founder Didi Horn, the successful deployment of the xStation marks a major milestone – and a collective accomplishment for the entire SkyX team.

SkyX CEO and Founder Didi Horn stands atop the xStation, with SkyOne nearby. Photo by Scott Simmie/SkyX

This is the beginning of something very big. We’ll keep you posted.