SkyX covered by TechCrunch, tech press, and more!

We are now fully immersed in a bold new chapter in the SkyX story.

It began with the recent launch of our clean new website, which gives a clear picture of how the entire SkyX system has been designed to function as a seamless, integrated solution. It also gives a more detailed snapshot of key members of our incredible team.

From there, we started ramping up social media – with an emphasis on Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as Facebook. (Don’t be sad, Instagram – we’ve nailed down our account and you’re next on the list!) And let’s not forget about YouTube, where you can check out videos featuring SkyOne, the xStation charging platform, and our unique SkyX OS.

Finally, we felt we were ready to start more fully sharing our story with the world – and we quickly discovered that the world was very interested. Since we first put out the word that SkyX is open for business, our email hasn’t stopped pinging. (‘Ping‘ – there it goes again!)


First to the mark was industry leader TechCrunch, with quite a thorough overview of what we do and why. You can find the entire TechCrunch story right here, and we encourage you to have a read.

There have been *many* more stories since then, with more in the works. We’ll pull together some more links for you shortly, or sprinkle them out on social media (be sure to follow). We’ll also be working with the Discovery Channel for a special segment for their Daily Planet show.

We’re happy about all this, of course – and will continue to update you as this next phase evolves.

And while we’re grateful to the media that has shown interest (and the people who assisted us in sparking that interest), we’d be remiss if we didn’t fully and wholeheartedly acknowledge the secret recipe that has *really* got us this far: Our people.

The SkyX team puts in long hours, solves immensely difficult problems, and does so with an unfailingly positive attitude. They are inventive, collaborative, and kind.

So really, the reason we have an incredible product is very simple: We have incredible people.

And that makes all the difference.