SkyX Soars Ahead

This marks the first post on our new and improved website. We are thrilled to finally launch this site, which also coincides with again SkyX taking great steps forward as a company. We love the clean functionality of this site, which we feel perfectly reflects the cohesive solution SkyX Systems Corporation offers its clients.

Since Didi and his original team started a little more than a year ago, SkyX has gone from strength to strength. We’ve moved from a tiny downtown office to a full-scale shop in Markham; from a handful of people to a team many times that size.

Together, these people have worked in-house on the design, fabrication and testing of our innovative SkyOne product, as well as the rest of the SkyX Solution – which includes the SkyX Operating System and the xStation charging platforms. There have been many long, long nights spent at the shop – along with an incredible amount of sweat, small amounts of blood, and even a few tears along the way.

Now, SkyX is preparing to move to its next level of expansion.

Potential clients and numerous investors have been calling. They see the potential for our long-range solution, which employs our innovative xStations for wireless, protected, extended-range charging. They see the simplicity of our SkyX Operating System. And they see the hard work and dedication of our team.

We hope you take the time to fully explore the site, and read a bit about the people who work here.

Stay tuned – we’ve only just begun.