Take Charge.

At SkyX, our motto is "Take Charge."
That's because our autonomous systems capture complex data and deliver easy-to-understand, actionable results to our global clients. Our robots, using a variety of sensors, can gather any type of data, anywhere: From the air, and – eventually – even underground and underwater. Our first robot flies. And it allows customers to Take Charge of what has previously been an expensive and complex task: The monitoring of long-range assets like oil and gas pipelines.

Making Pipelines Safer

In North America alone, more than $37 billion* US is spent annually inspecting such pipelines. It is often done with either conventional manned aircraft, ground inspection, or even satellite imagery.

None of those approaches is ideal:

  • Manned flights costly
  • Ground inspections inefficient/slow
  • Satellites not always timely

*Source: International Energy Association

Enter the SkyX solution - a complete package we believe is the most sophisticated and integrated long-range infrastructure monitoring platform available.

We say that for several reasons.

We say that for several reasons.

Our engineers, pilots, and aeromechanical specialists have designed and built the SkyX system from the ground up with the vision of a seamless, easy-to-operate solution.

Our autonomous aircraft features vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) technology. This means we can fly from anywhere, at anytime. No launchers or runways required.

Range is not a problem. Our electrically-powered SkyOne aircraft runs clean and can monitor assets that force other green UAVs back to home base for a recharge. We go the distance.

Our SkyX Operating System (OS) allows at-a-glance monitoring of any SkyX fleet, whether that consists of one or multiple aircraft. Anomalies are flagged for a near-instant response or further investigation.

The VTOL Technology

SkyOne differs from nearly every other Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) on the market. It’s not a quadcopter, and it’s not a fixed-wing aircraft. It’s actually a hybrid featuring the best of both worlds, while avoiding the limitations inherent with each separate design.

Because it has Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) capability, SkyOne takes off in much the same fashion as a quadcopter. This means it can be deployed from virtually anywhere, and can be landed with great accuracy.

Unlike a quadcopter, however, SkyOne transitions into forward, fixed-wing flight. The efficiency and lift of an airfoil allows SkyOne to carry out long-range flights before it transitions back to multi-copter mode for landing and charging on remote, autonomous stations.

Among its capabilities, SkyOne can:

  • Detect and report leaks (even at night)
  • Scan for Right-of-Way Violations
  • Capture and report vegetation encroachment

You name the mission, and we’ll equip SkyOne with the appropriate sensor.

You Are in Charge.

SkyOne carries out its missions autonomously, meaning no operator is required to manually control the aircraft during flight. While some UAVs are little more than expensive remote-control systems, requiring full-time operators – SkyOne is a flying robot, silently exchanging data with a ground station.

Despite that autonomy, the end user still can exert complete control over the mission. The flight path can be plotted with a high degree of precision to ensure SkyOne never strays from monitoring the intended asset. What’s more, our SkyX Operating System and custom graphical user interface allows additional tasks to be easily programmed into the flight plan.

Want SkyOne to stop and loiter over a specific spot for a closer look? Done.

Need to change your planned route? Return to home? No problem – it’s all a click or two away. Have a look – you’ll see what we mean:

Of course, once we have you up and running, you also have the option of simply allowing SkyOne to work efficiently on its own. Operating the entire system demands minimal oversight, with attention required only when you either wish to change parameters, or when SkyOne wants to notify you it’s detected something of interest.

It’s hard to imagine a simpler, more integrated, or more efficient system...

...Or a more skilled and supportive team.

Meet Us

The Future

Though our initial focus is the oil and gas sector, SkyX is poised for a multitude of other infrastructure tasks, including long-range monitoring of rail lines, coastlines, electrical grids - and more. This is just the beginning – the takeoff. We anticipate a crammed SkyX passport as our platform is globally embraced.

So come. Fly with us.

Take Charge