SkyVision 2.1 Delivers High-Quality Aerial Data to Sharply Improve Pipeline Integrity for Oil and Gas Companies Worldwide

With pipeline damage exceeding $8.5 billion, SkyX aerial data platform to give O&G faster, actionable insights into asset changes over time for a more proactive response

 TORONTO — June 20, 2022 — SkyX, the company revolutionizing the way aerial data is acquired, analyzed and actioned, today announced the release of its SkyVision 2.1 software platform. SkyVision 2.1 is purpose-built to collect and analyze terabytes of aerial data from long-range unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flights, and identify anomalies impacting the integrity of large-scale infrastructure assets. Already implemented by oil and gas companies across broad geographical regions, the platform enables constant monitoring and unique, actionable insights on aerial inspection data for sharply improved pipeline integrity. 

The 2.1 upgrade includes enhanced features and functionality to visualize image changes over short and long periods of time and to empower users to move back and forth between whole series of images to see those changes and review analyses. The software helps detect shifting ground conditions, vegetation growth, unauthorized construction and illegal activity, and other irregularities changing over time that reveal or contribute to cracks and corrosion. With increased automation and new workflows in the easy-to-use portal, customers can easily prioritize issues and export data for use in their GIS or other data systems for holistic decision-making.

Meeting Real-World Customer Challenges

“SkyVision 2.1 responds to real-world problems customers face in detecting structural failures like leaks, cracks and ruptures on aging assets, as well as environmental changes like vegetation encroachment, erosion and sinkholes, and even oil and gas theft,” said Didi Horn, CEO at SkyX. “By discovering the nature of problems early and often with our change detection capabilities, businesses can prioritize issues and respond more quickly.”      

From 1986 to 2016, some 9,000 pipeline-related incidents have resulted in 548 deaths, 2,576 injuries, and over $8.5 billion in financial damages, not including less significant pipeline-related malfunctions, according to Bloomberg. Inconsistent monitoring and detection results in dangerous scenarios, regulatory issues, and revenue loss.

“SkyVision 2.1 was created as a direct result of continued conversations with our customers about what would improve their operations most,” said Jeff Jones, vice president of sales and business development at SkyX. “The software helps our customers address potential problems before they arise, saving time and money, and avoiding dangerous situations. Systematic layering and deep analysis of aerial data with SkyVision 2.1 technology offer the oil and gas industry a modern, proactive method to better discover changes on old pipelines, track them, and identify which sections to replace or repair first. That means customers can deliver resources safely where they’re needed as the private and public sectors work to meet the true state of energy needs worldwide.”  

Delivering Advanced Capabilities 

SkyVision 2.1 uncovers important insights that routine helicopter and airplane inspections in the past have missed. “We’re continuously innovating to meet customer needs as they experience them in the field,” added Horn.

Additional benefits include:

  • Monitoring assets that span extensive terrain in a systematic way with a constant stream of high-resolution images of areas of interest and adverse conditions
  • Capturing, processing, and storing very large quantities of high-resolution aerial images (10X the resolution of satellite images; 1000 images per 90-minute flight)
  • Detecting and analyzing anomalies and changes over time along a pipeline and other assets using computer-vision technology
  • Ensuring aerial data is always secure using enterprise-grade multi-tenant SaaS
  • Integrating insights from SkyVision into GIS systems
  • Supporting more efficient reviews of data to increase the throughput of review time.

SkyVision 2.1 can be used to create a workflow around areas of interest for operations teams in the field to perform up-close inspections and to schedule maintenance. The system supports exporting a printed list with details, and the report can be customized by priority and other filtering conditions provided in the SkyVision platform. The software integrates with the FieldVision companion mobile web app, which enables those teams to inspect the pipeline and capture close-range video and images in identified areas of interest.

Explore SkyVision2.1 and all of SkyX’s offerings at Collision, one of the world’s biggest tech conferences, June 20 – 23 in Toronto, Canada. For more information about SkyX’s presence at the conference, visit us here

About SkyX

SkyX has been revolutionizing the way aerial data is acquired, analyzed, and actioned since 2016. The company’s mission is to arm infrastructure asset companies across the globe with unique, actionable, long-range aerial data on an ongoing basis. With this intelligence, these companies are empowered to take a proactive approach to asset integrity and ultimately ensure the health and safety of people and the planet. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, SkyX has a broad global presence with customers in North America, South America, and Africa. SkyX is experiencing rapid global adoption of its solution. In only six months, the company has secured over 10 million USD in new contracts to monitor thousands of miles of pipeline. For more information about SkyX, visit


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