SkyX Named One of the Top 50 Fastest-Growing Sustainable Companies in Canada

SkyX has been named one of the Future 50 – Canada’s fastest-growing sustainable companies. 

Didi Horn discovered drone aircraft’s potential for data collection and positive change during a decade as a drone pilot and commander of special-ops in the Air Force. He founded Toronto-based SkyX in 2015 to provide “drones-as-a-service” to companies that need to inspect assets spread over long ranges, such as railways and power lines. “We’re redefining long-range asset monitoring forever,” the company claims on its website.

SkyX’s immediate focus is oil and gas pipelines. Images from the company’s purpose-built drones are analyzed by SkyX’s software to identify issues such as corrosion, leaks, or unauthorized human activity. Technology makes this routine process safer, faster, and easier than using in-person crews. For a client in Mexico, SkyX inspected a 100-kilometre pipeline in just an hour – a task that takes human inspectors a week.

Our Vice President of Global Business Development, Jeff Jones, traveled to Calgary, Alberta to attend the Future 50 Press Conference and receive our award at the Inventures Conference on June 3rd.

Here are some photos from the press conference in Calgary and reception in Banff. 



What is  Future 50?

Last fall, an ambitious survey covering 10 countries found that 84% of young people aged 16 to 25 are at least “moderately worried” about climate change – and 59% are extremely worried. They don’t see the “adults” – in business or government – making any of the hard decisions required to avoid the climate crisis. Instead, they see our net-zero targets slipping away and they feel betrayed.

But daunting challenges bring out the best in people. And that’s what Corporate Knights found when we went looking for the Future 50 – Canada’s fastest-growing sustainable companies. 

Our objective was to identify outstanding Canadian entrepreneurs and companies that are gaining significant traction in the fight against carbon – with exciting new solutions that most of the world hasn’t discovered yet. The result: a power-packed list of companies whose products and services bring bold new ideas to the sustainability front – and raise hopes that we can win the climate war.

Learn more about SkyX. 

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