SkyX CEO’s Entrepreneurial Journey: Didi Horn Featured On The Go Solo Blog

Are you interested in learning about SkyX’s CEO, Didi Horn’s entrepreneurial journey?

In this concise 5 minute article, Go Solo explores the journey of how Didi created SkyX, his biggest accomplishments and challenges so far, and top tips on how to run and grow a business today.

Go Solo is a media platform that features and highlights the stories of solopreneurs, business owners and more to help inspire readers and listeners to turn ‘one day’ into day one.

Here is a short excerpt from the Go Solo profile.

Didi’s personal motivation

“What motivates me is the opportunity to completely revolutionize the way aerial data is acquired, analyzed, and actioned and how this will literally change the world.”

About one of his biggest accomplishments

“As I stood there in the field and watched our drone take flight, it was like I was walking on water. My vision came to life, and it was rewarding and fascinating, and indescribable.”

About running a company

“Be humble and kind, so next time you won’t be cocky and waste a mission over ego. Today, I apply this in every aspect of my life.”

For the full story, please follow the link: Acquire. Analyze. Act. – SkyX

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