Top Three Articles to Inform Your Pipeline Safety and Integrity Strategy

According to the Pipeline Safety Global Market Report 2021, the global pipeline safety market is expected to reach $11.62 billion in 2025 at a CAGR of 10.67%.

“The growth is mainly due to the network monitoring, increased spending for pipeline infrastructure by oil and gas companies, growing concerns over pipeline security, demand for leak detection, and the increase in the oil and gas leakage incidence/accidents.”

Pipeline safety is top of mind for midstream Oil and Gas companies today and will be increasingly over the coming years. While there are many strategies that these companies can employ to improve pipeline safety, we believe aerial data is one of the most effective.

Flying Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) over a pipeline on a regular basis to acquire high-quality data, then using SkyVision to analyze it to identify and prioritize areas of interest and monitor changes over time gives Oil and Gas companies the actionable insights they need to detect and prevent leaks.

Over the past year, we’ve published a number of articles on the subject of aerial data for pipeline monitoring and integrity that you may find valuable.

Here a our top three articles on pipeline safety:

How To Prevent Pipeline Leaks using Aerial Data

Platforms for aerial data can provide a new layer of visualization that gives you a better view of your asset and helps connect the dots on incomplete data in your workflow. These platforms leverage Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and visualization software to scan your pipeline on an ongoing basis and deliver actionable insights. Read more.

Reimagine Pipeline Inspections with Aerial Data

Aerial data gives you important insights that can help you reimagine pipeline inspections in your organization. Combining it with other important sensory data from your pipeline monitoring program – such as readings from your SCADA point sensors, in-line PIG inspections, or even external data sources like weather conditions – supercharges the insights you can obtain about your asset. Read more.

How To Prevent Significant Corrosion-Related Pipeline Incidents

By leveraging aerial data over time you can analyzing occurrences of corrosion and corrosion-inducing issues, where and when they occur, and how it’s developing over time. In the case of an above-ground pipeline, the value is quite simple. Track your active cases of corrosion and how they’re growing over time. Before it hits a severe integrity compromising level, tackle it with preventative maintenance. Read more.

As you’re evaluating solutions for improving pipeline safety in 2022 and beyond, consider an aerial data solution. It’s the most effective way to get ahead of potential pipeline hazards that come with significant financial, safety and environmental costs.

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